I’m so excited … I just can’t stand it …

LAUNCH DAY for Life Lessons on a Sunday is  Sunday, January 13th!

I know, I’ve waited until the last minute to announce, but as they say … “Better late than never!”

PLUS … I didn’t want and do a full two-three week launch – I wanted to get this party started!

On Sunday, January 13th (which also happens to be my 40th Birthday) I would really appreciate your support to SUBSCRIBE to the Life Lessons on a Sunday podcast! I will list each and every place you can download and listen on the 13th, but please know that I will have each episode available right here as well!

To make it a true party, I will be debuting, not 1, not 2, but 3 episodes on the 13th!!!  Here is a little teaser for you …

Episode 001: Who, What, When, Why and Where

This short and sweet episode is my way to say Hello and let you know a little about me and how Life Lessons on a Sunday came to be. Which you can also read the story right here.

Episode 002: Family Secrets – Should You Have Them

This episode will let you into two of my family secrets that my brother and I were told when we were kids, shaped our lives, then found out the truth as adults and how that made us feel – why our Mom did this and what we think now that we are adults.  You will definitely not want to miss this … don’t worry, we LOVE our Mom and this is serious and funny all at the same time … a hope that I have for many episodes to come.

Episode 003: Jaimeson’s 40 for 40!

Since this podcast will launch on my 40th Birthday, I thought I would share my top 40 Life Lessons that I have learned. This episode will be packed with personal stories, hard truths that we all need to hear sometimes, great one liners you can take with you and hopefully even some laughs!

Thank you so much for even reading this far and I am crossing my fingers and toes that you are intrigued enough to come back on Sunday the 13th to listen to the Life Lessons on a Sunday podcast!

Until next Sunday …. Jaimeson