For A Lifetime was created to encourage, promote and share core values in an ever changing world.

By sharing with you a lifetime of personal life lessons with our blend of honesty, humor, whit, kindness and “straight-talk”, we experience the different paths of life together. Together we grow, together we become happier and more grounded. Our podcast, guides, workbooks and online courses are there to simply help you dig deep and focus on what really matters, what is most important to you in your life, so that your happiest life becomes your reality.

Founder, Jaimeson Gann, began her dream of creating and starting … For A Lifetime in 2014 while she was still the Founder and COO of Kentucky Bride.  A vision to encourage and share about the core of who we are as humans and bring light to positive aspects of our life that we hold dear to our heart and will value for all of our lives in a simple, to the point, way.

Our mission is to share, inspire and guide you in hopes that the … For A Lifetime message resonates with you.

We are thrilled to showcase to our very first service  … the Life Lessons on a Sunday podcast!  To read about how it all began, simply GO HERE!  To listen to latest episodes, simply GO HERE!