Oh my goodness you guys … I am about to go spend 7 glorious sun-filled day with 5 of my best girlfriends!!!  EEK – I’m so excited!


We’ve been planning this trip for over 8 months!  If you remember from Episode 8: Taboo Topics, I talked about this briefly and how we are going to celebrate all of us turning 40 (well one lady is only turning 39, but who’s counting!)  The time has come and I must say – alot of things have gone through my mind about spending one whole week in a house with just other grown, strong, independent women.  We all run our respective households and hold down amazing careers, so the thought of 6 Boss Ladies being together has got me thinking!  Not only about if we are all going to make it alive through this next week, but how special these ladies and friendships are.

Do you have any life long friendships that are not family?  Man, I sure hope so.

You know the saying … People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I truly believe that! I also truly believe that the ones that stay for a lifetime aren’t here by chance, but by hard work, respect for the other person and appreciation for their time.

So let me give you the back story…. (at least my back story – each of us met at different times, but since about 9th grade have remained in each others lives).

When I was 8, I moved from Texas to Kentucky – it was the summer before 3rd grade. I was a nervous wreck … new state, new house, new school, new everything.  Luckily I had a great teacher and I remember that year as being a happy time at school.

Come 4th grade and parents are separated living in separate houses and we are in a new school district. I don’t remember much about this year during school time, so I’m going to go ahead and assume that I was a brat! I thin 4th and 5th grades were the worst for me outside of school, so I probably brought that to the classroom.  Speaking of 5th grade, I was at the same school, but had been moved to a different section for a 5th/6th grade split class.  Again, I don’t remember anyone or anything particularly sticking out for me.

Well, then comes 6th grade and I enter Middle School!  My brother, Seth, had already been here for two years, so he was a big 8th grader … which, let’s be honest ladies, when you’re in 6th grade and you know someone that knows the 8th graders, you’re a lock.

This worked in my favor a bit ….

The girls thought Seth was cute, so naturally they want to talk to you to get closer to the older boys.

But, during that 6th grade year, we were on teams and I met some of these ladies that year!  Now that’s 29 years ago … man, that’s crazy to think about – 29 years!  And some of them knew each other before that and some of us met in high school – it’s just incredible.

It’s even more incredible that as we’ve all grown and changed and our lives have taken different paths that we still stay in touch, that we try to see each other a few times a year and now with technology – we have a group video chats … which I think has even made us closer!

So let’s talk about a lifelong friendship … how do you know you have one?  And yes, obviously if you’ve known them for a long time … but does that make you a friend?

I think a lifelong friend is someone who is there for you whenever you need them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve grown up, moved away and haven’t spoken in 6 months … but they call you and you drop everything because they need you.  You don’t have to best friends and speak everyday – you just have to be a true, loyal friend that always has their best interest at heart.

Some things that I think are so special about these friendships is that they knew you “way back when” … way back when you had the ugly haircut, or all the jelly’s in every color, or when you had your childhood animal and they are special because they got to know your family … siblings, parents, and maybe even grandparents. One thing that is definitely missing when we become adults and more independent is that when we hang out with friends it is usually not when we are hanging out with family … but when you’re a kid – you have to do both together – so everyone gets to know or at least meet each other – so you get to share stories about birthday party mishaps – having your own concert in the basement and coming up to grab some food and do the concert in the kitchen for whatever adult is around. Oh, some great memories are shared during those first years of these life long friendships.

But one thing I definitely want to caution about these relationships is that it can be very easy to fall into the “comfort” zone. You know – the one where all you do is reminisce about the past and how it used to be … never really moving into what is happening in your life right now.

We need to make sure that we are bringing our current true self to the table with these friends … they will love us. But they will also make sure that we are staying true to ourselves because they know us!  They will, hopefully, give us that tough love when we need it, but will also be our biggest supporters because they are truly happy for us!

Sometimes I feel like these relationships can be the best journeys … there are so many twists and turns, and starts and stops, but there is also comfort knowing that there is a place for you at the table.

You know – some of us are married, some of us have been divorced and remarried, some of us have kids, some of us had kids when we were kids ourselves and some of us aren’t married and some of us don’t have kids … but that is the amazing thing – we can all appreciate where we are in life and enjoy in our present.

And this goes for our career paths as well … not just family paths. Some of us are in the healthcare profession, some bankers, and some business owners.

But honestly, I think this right here is what makes any life long friendship so special …

it doesn’t matter our job status, it doesn’t matter who or if we’re married, or even where we live … what matters the most is the type of friend that we are and that we have established a bond way before the “adult” world comes and try to put people in categories and sections of society.

Before I end, I want you to think about who your life long friend or friends are. Have you spoken to them recently? Have you checked in to see how they are doing lately and what is “new” is their life?  Or, maybe you all have or will plan a trip like we’re doing!  I would love to hear about it … and get some places to visit as girlfriends with activities because honestly, I can see us keeping this a tradition so that we make sure to keep these very special people and relationships in our lives.

Well, I’m off with the ladies …

Until Next Sunday …

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