Today we are doing something a little different.  I am going to read you a book!  Not just any book. A children’s book … or is it?  I first gave this book to my niece in April 1999. I can only assume that I gave it to her for Easter, then she actually gifted it to my daughter in May 2010.

I love that the handwriting and dates are in the front cover. I love that this book has been passed around in our family. The book now sits on a book stand in my home office where I get to see it and think about it everyday.

This book was first published in 1964 and is still being published today in it’s original text and drawings and in 47 languages!  You may be starting to guess what book this is by now … so, without further ado, I will be reading “THE GIVING TREE” by Shel Silverstein.

WOW! Every time I read this book, I draw something else from it. Maybe it’s the time in my life that I read it, or the simplicity yet complexity of what I feel the meaning of the book is.

So, that is a great question to ask ourselves … Are we the Tree or the Boy?  And do we go from one or the other depending on our relationship with the other person?

For example, we could easily say as Parents we are the Tree and our children are the boy, but then does that make us the boy when it comes to our parents – or what about when they become grandparents?  Or what about your romantic relationship?  Or your friendships?

Man, I know this is characterized as a Children’s book, but I still learn from and feel something every time I read it. Let’s keep this discussion going. Come SAY HELLO and leave a comment below, or on the Instagram and Facebook pages, or simply use #thegivingtreelifelessons.  Share your takeaways from the book, your giving moments in life, and let’s just take in the meaning of The Giving Tree.

Until Next Sunday …

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