Hello Lovelies! Welcome to the Life Lessons on a Sunday podcast – Episode 9. I’m your host Jaimeson and today is the last episode in our LOVE series, so I thought I would share LOTS, not a few, but LOTS of things that I love – and maybe we have them in common. Can you guess what any of them are?  I might just surprise you. Well, let’s get to it  …

Alright … up front, I want to say two things ….

First, this episode IS NOT going to have any big ah-ha moment or life lessons that will change your life. The main purpose of this episode is not for you to hear all the things I love, but to recognize in your life all the things that you love … I’m just sharing mine to get us started.

Second, I love my family more than any person, place or thing on this Earth.

There … now that that’s out of the way … let’s get to it …

  • I love Sweet Tea! Not the tea where you go to a restaurant and order sweet tea and it taste like they just added a few packets of sugar before serving to you … but the southern sweet tea where you get a big pot on the stove, boil water, pour a bag of sugar in, add tea bags where they float around – let them cook and blend together … basically, I like tea with my sugar …
  • CARBS … oh my goodness, I love me some carbs. I do not know how people do these no carb diets and no carb lifestyles – I just can’t find a meal that I don’t want a carb … and yes, I even mean the good carbs like fruit, but also the best carbs like bread and potatoes! I could probably live off of a meat, a potato and a Hawaiian Roll for every meal unless you want to give me pizza, then I’ll take a Medium for myself please.

Well, the first two things I listed were around food – maybe that says something about me. Or maybe it’s because I also LOVE …

  • FAMILY DINNERS. I’m not talking about just our immediate family dinners that we have (although obviously I love those too), I’m talking about the BIG family dinners where you invite the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even the kids best friends that are like family! You eat, you laugh, you tell stories, you play cards – maybe someone breaks out in song … who knows what will happen – you just know that it’s going to be a good time!
  • I absolutely LOVE to check things off my to do list! I am a list maker and a check mark giver! I don’t know what it is about physically picking up my pen and writing that check mark over something that I actually completed in the day, but it gives me great satisfaction! And to be completely honest, list are one of my best friends – if I don’t keep a list, I don’t stay focused, so I guess you could say I LOVE LISTS just as much!
  • DAY HIKES with my husband! I love being outdoors, enjoying God’s country, exploring nature and just spending quality time together – no interruptions, just the two of us.
  • THEME PARTIES … Yes, I think every party should have a good theme – and why not? Plus, I think it breaks the awkwardness that comes with some parties. I mean this way, you know what to wear, what type of food is going to be there and it’s different than your everyday life! Some of my favorite themes are … the 80’s – the Roaring 20’s – Ugly Christmas and the list could go on.
  • One of my favorite things to have is GAME NIGHT with the Kids …. We sit around our kitchen table, pick three or four games (no video games – just card or board games) and play and eat to our hearts content! We laugh, and joke, and are very competitive … I mean who doesn’t love to win! One time we played Monopoly for 8 hours … I’m sure we’ve done that with Clue too!
  • I love to watch Heather Grace, my daughter, dance around the house! She loves ballet and is actually getting her pointe shoes this year. Well this has pushed her dancing into overdrive … she’s twirling to the kitchen, doing leaps in the dining room and basically anywhere that there is 5 ft of open space, she is practicing a move. Of course I love watching her on stage, but at home, it’s like a backstage pass to her growth as a dancer. Her dedication inspires me!
  • Which this brings me to the Theater, I love the theater and any live performance. From the outfits, to the set, to the performers and musicians … I just feel that I get more of a connection with live theater verses the screen.
  • I love to be FANCY … and why not? If you listened to my 40 for 40, then you will remember that I never feel that you can be overdressed … now listen, I’m not saying I don’t like my leggings and sweats because I do, but I LOVE to get dressed up! It just makes me feel good!
  • VACATIONS … I love vacations! And yes, I know if you live a great life you shouldn’t need a vacation, but that’s ridiculous … we all need vacations! I love to go to new places – I love to get a stamp in my passport (which apparently they don’t like doing anymore, but if you find the right attendant and ask sweet enough, someone will pull out the stamp and give it to you). I love the feeling of “getting away” and leaving responsibility behind for a week. I love the stress free time we spend together. I love exploring and seeing new things. I just love vacations.
  • GOOD MUSIC … there is something about when you hear a good song on the radio or your playlist and it immediately makes you bob your head or shake your hips a little – you just feel the beat and it’s contagious. Good Music is good for the soul in my opinion.
  • My son’s whit … Now that Beau is off to college, we don’t get to see him as much as we’d like, but we can always count on talking to him – thank goodness! And he is hilarious! I love when he texts me about his day in classes and the professors – it is pretty comical.
  • REMINISCING … I absolutely love to go through old pictures, letters and little treasures that we’ve collected along the way and reminisce – remember funny stories, maybe tell a story that no one knew at the time for fear of getting in trouble, but now enough time has passed, so it’s okay. I especially love doing this with my grandparents pictures. The history, beauty, and meaning of the pictures is endearing. They couldn’t take pictures all the time like we do now, so when we get a glimpse into the past, I think it is truly special.
  • Summer Cookouts … Days where you invite everyone you know over to the house for burgers and dogs. The kids get the sidewalk chalk out, the hose and use their imagination. You pull out corn-hole, horseshoes and maybe a little basket ball. There’s lots of people, lots of conversations, lots of laughter and it last so long that it turns dark and you start a fire for some s’mores. These are rare days, but I love them.
  • My SPARK! I know that some of you LOVE your coffee and couldn’t imagine a day without it, well for me, it’s Spark! It’s my healthy “get up and go” drink! Every single morning!
  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES … especially throwing my kids parties! I just love Birthday’s and think they should be celebrated and in a big way … I mean, it’s the day you were born! It is the day that you changed someone’s life! It needs to be a day that is just about you … wear the sash, eat your cake, do something you love – have the best birthday!
  • DECORATING … From paint colors to fabric swatches to tearing down walls and remodeling – I just love to design and decorate.
  • MUSEUMS … History, Art, Knowledge, Rare Artifacts, what’s not to love. To me, a museum can be like traveling back in time. Learning, Appreciating, and Understanding. Museums give you an up close and personal viewpoint into their specific topic.
  • Oh, and I absolutely love being busy … Ha – I don’t even know if this is a thing, but I love to have projects and to always be doing something. Now don’t get me wrong, I do have and enjoy “lazy days”, but they are few and far between – I just love being busy.

Well, there you have some of the things I love. Obviously the list could go on and on, but no need to overdo it – am I right? Plus, I want to hear about some of the things that you love … share with me by leaving a comment on the blog or using the hashtag LLOASloves . Also, let me know if we love any of the same stuff … it’s always fun to connect and see what we might have in common.  I mean, maybe we could go to a theme party together or share our favorite card games or share our favorite songs … I love a good dance party too!

Time for our THOUGHTFUL TIDBIT.  Well, today is all about gratitude. Thank you all so much for all the kind words about our Taboo Topics show! I’ll admit, I was a little nervous putting out so much personal information, but you guys have given such positives reviews, that it truly makes me feel like I am reaching that bigger purpose with this podcast and I can’t thank you all enough.  Some of the comments were … “Great job! Loved this!” and “Best one yet … really enjoyed!” and “This was a great episode. It is so important to have this hard conservation early. Sure, they are uncomfortable at times but I believe it can help you grow your bond. One Taboo Topic I would add to the list is the faith base conservation.”  You guys … you rock!

So, with that, I’m going to ask that if you’ve enjoyed this podcast, please hit the subscribe button and please leave a kind comment or review. If you think it’s worth a share, please do share it. If you have a Life Lesson, Taboo Topic or anything you want to tell us about, please do so and use #LLOAS  or #LifeLessonsonaSunday.

Okay lovelies, that was the last in our LOVE series … I hope you enjoyed! I hope you were able to find out what your Love Language was, write that special Love Letter, have a Taboo Topic conversation and today, I hope we connected with some of the same love interest!

Make sure to come back next week where we start to dive into more Life Lessons all about … MONEY!  Could you share a life lesson about Money? I think we all could!

Until Next Sunday …

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