Hey, Hey! Thank you so much for joining me for Episode 3 of the Life Lessons on a Sunday podcast! I’m your host Jaimeson – and today is my 40th Birthday!!! That’s right … the big 4-0! I am so blessed to be 40, to be healthy, to be loved and to have learned so much in my 40 years. I’m going to share some of those life lessons with you now …

Let me start off by saying this … Age is just a Number! I may be older than some of you and younger than others, but what we all have in common is that we can learn from each others life experiences and lessons. Embrace your age and all that you have achieved and learned!

I do things a little unconventional, so this list will not include some items that you would normally think would be on a top 40 list – such as chase your dreams, always be kind, etc. While those statements are true and I believe them, my list is more life experiences … everything I mention I have truly learned!

*** I’m thinking since this list is so long and important, I’m considering making it into a downloadable guide.  If you are interested in this, and would like to receive for FREE, please enter your email below and you will be the first to know when it is released and able to download!

Thank you so much for listening and being a part of the FOR A LIFETIME family!  Make sure you come back next Sunday for another Life Lesson on a Sunday.

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