Welcome to the first episode of Life Lessons on a Sunday podcast! I’m your host, Jaimeson, and I want to get us off on the right foot, so I am giving you the 5 W’s of this show … Who, What, When, Why and Where! Listen to learn more about me, the story behind For A Lifetime, and to hear about upcoming episodes. Please subscribe to make sure that you never miss an episode!


Oh my Goodness!

You are listening to the VERY FIRST episode of Life Lessons on a Sunday!  I simply cannot tell you how happy I am that you are here (picture me doing a happy dance).

To get us off on the right foot, I want to give you the 5 W’s of this show:  WHO – WHAT – WHEN – WHY and WHERE

So let’s get this party started!

Who, What, When, Why and Where –

When you hear of something new – restaurant, artist, friend, etc., do these questions come to mind for you? I know they are basic and what we all learned to ask in like second grade, but I’m curious by nature, so these 5 W’s are a staple for me. Plus, this will cover a lot of basis for you to get know me and what this show will be about a little better.  Shall we …

WHO: That’s me – Jaimeson!  I’m your host, but I’m so much more!  I’m a sinner who loves Jesus – I’m a wife to my amazing husband Heath, a dotting Mom to Beau and Heather Grace  – a romantic – a believer of “input equals output” – an Entrepreneur (okay, maybe a serial entrepreneur) – I absolutely love sweet tea (but only if it’s made right … and if you like sweet tea too, then you know we like a little tea with our sugar!)  Okay, enough about me for now – if you want to learn more, head on over to FORALIFETIME.org/ABOUT

WHAT: This podcast, Life Lessons on a Sunday – that one was pretty simple

WHEN:  EVERY SUNDAY!  (there’s a reason for that, which I will be sharing in the WHY section)  And just to go ahead and put this out there – because who doesn’t like to forecast a goal – I would absolutely LOVE to do a series that comes out on Wednesdays titled: Life Lessons with BLANK. I would ask them about 5-6 of the same questions, but most importantly, we will be hearing from more people on more topics – I just love getting to know people – don’t you?  Okay, since I went ahead and put that out there – let me know your thoughts … do you think that would be a good series?

WHY:  This could be a long story, so I’m going to try to keep it as short as possible!  In 2014, I was still the Co-Founder and Owner of Kentucky Bride Magazine. And I absolutely LOVED IT – I was able to work with brides, their mothers, create memorable wedding days, write articles that inspired couples, and showcase the best weddings in Kentucky. During that time, I started a collection of “love letters” if you will titled, FOR A LIFETIME. Each issue, I would interview a couple that had been married for 30 years or more!!!  Talk about relationship goals. Anyways, getting to know them, their love story, their triumphs and their troubles as a couple, I not only fell more in LOVE with LOVE, but wanted to share their wisdom, guidance, and grace to everyone that wanted to grow in their relationship – married or not. This was a huge hit with our readers and wedding community alike.  SO, in 2014, I formed the company FOR A LIFETIME and my idea was to build a business based on marriage and or “couple” relationships. Well, as you’ll soon learn about me – I can’t do just one thing, or focus on one thing. Yes, marriage is so important and I want to dive more into that in some episodes, but I found myself realizing that there are so many things that we need FOR A LIFETIME – such as Kindness, Grace, Health, Wealth, …you see my point.

Back to the story … Kentucky Bride Magazine had really picked up so FOR A LIFETIME sat on the back burner. At the end of 2016, my mother and business partner with Kentucky Bride was ready to retire. I didn’t want to run the business without her since we created it together, I thought we should leave it together. With lots of prayer and interviews, we found the perfect people to take over (another mother/daughter team)!

At this point, I needed a break … as any other small business owner can attest to – that said business can take over your life!

So, instead of jumping into another business full force again, I thought I would try my creative hand … I actually flipped three houses (with my dad) – yep, I’m a family girl!

Anyways, during this time, I ran into a long-time friend of mine that I had actually met in the wedding industry, but knew that he was first and foremost an Interior Designer. I casually just said to him that I think he needs a design assistant. He knew my work ethic, as we were both business owners, he knew my creativity based on the wedding designs, layouts, and then the flips. So in March of 2017 – we agreed for me to be his design assistant – and there sat FOR A LIFETIME on the shelf again … always thinking about, but could never just pinpoint exactly where or how to start since now I knew I wanted to COVER EVERYTHING!!!  Ha Ha

Fast forward to Sunday, August 5th, 2018!

My amazing niece, Cori, called me in a slight panic and said, “Jaime, I need you!”

Well, as you can imagine, I told her I was coming right over!

Luckily, we live in the same small town, so I could be there in 5 minutes flat.

Let me give you a little back story on Cori … she is only 20 years old and already owns her own home!!!  Yes, she’s THAT GIRL!

She’s smart, talented, great with finances and has one hell of a head on her shoulders … I’m a super proud aunt if you can’t already tell!

And we’re back …

As I’m driving over, she is telling me that she just went down to her basement to start cleaning and organizing for a future room addition she has an idea for. Well, to her amazement, she could see light coming from the bottom of the basement door that leads to the outside and there were … SPIDERS!!!  Ew, gross! She wanted me to help her figure out what happened and how we could fix it.

Once I arrived, she was understandably shaken with seeing spider webs and not wanting to go anywhere near them. I calmly examined the situation, took photos, told her to get her wallet and get in my car … we were headed to Lowe’s.

Side note: If you don’t already know, you will soon learn that I am the “take the bull by the horn” and “put your big girl panties on” kind of lady.

On the drive to Lowe’s, I am going through possible “teaching” moments that I can share with her, as I want her to always feel confident in any situation she comes across. I explain that I will help her ask the staff for recommendations, assist in selecting the materials, and then guide her in fixing the issue herself! She was all on board …


I pulled out a POWER TOOL!

You see, Cori had never used a power tool in her 20 years, so I was thrilled to be her teacher for this project. After a rocky first few screws, she was drilling into that fiberglass door like she’s been doing this for years!

When she finished and successfully fixed the door herself … she had the biggest smile on her face and I think she stood an inch taller! She thanked me for helping and I told her it was just another “Life Lesson on a Sunday” … and that’s when she said:

You need to share a Life Lesson every Sunday!

And that’s how it all began …

Shew … my mind and my pen have not stopped since the light bulb went off! I already have my first twenty-six topics (that’s half a year of shows!)

After 4 years, countless journals filled with ideas, my heart and mind wanting to get back to being an entrepreneur again, FOR A LIFETIME has come off the shelf and she is ready to shine! The first “service” offered, is this podcast with more to come in 2019!

And now the WHERE: I live in small-town America – in Kentucky to be exact. I guess it doesn’t matter where I physically live, what matters is WHERE you can get the show … right?

Life Lessons on a Sunday is available to download right to your phone or device, pretty much anywhere podcast are available. Please look for us on iTunes, Google, Pandora, and for a full list, show notes, and more, please visit FORALIFETIME.org

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